What is this?

Five Books of Moses

Add Japanese Poetry

Stir until ready


5 Responses

  1. This is a wonderful collection of haiku! Keep up the good work.

    A submission for Parshat Re’eh:

    G-d gave us free will:
    Behold I set before you
    Blessing and a curse

  2. look here for insight
    bisl Torah & haiku
    infuse your wisdom

  3. Zen Judaism
    What will you be yesterday?
    Choices, memories

  4. Do you consider starting a ‘Torah in Haiku’ twitter page?! It would be – I think – a serious enrichment for the #Torah tweeters/twinkers and I would gladly follow you. Hope you’ve got a great Fourth and Shabbes. A gute Woch! – Abe

    • You ask, you receive
      I had been thinking ’bout it
      You gave me the push


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