Chanukah – First Night

Night one is Shabbat
Remember, Chanukah first
And then Sabbath lights

I complained yesterday about the lack of good Chanukah music.  But, in fact, there are some great Chanukah songs.    Just to prove it, I”ll post one for each night of Chanukah, along with a haiku (of course) somewhat related to the song.  All but today’s will be in video form – unfortunately I couldn’t find a decent online video version for today’s song.

Enjoy … and Chag Chanukah Sameach

Today’s song is a rocking version of the Chanukah blessings from the album Barenaked for the Holidays by the band Barenaked Ladies – who aren’t naked and aren’t ladies.

(click here to load the on-line player – once the page loads, just click the play button near the upper right corner)


One Response

  1. on this Chanukah
    I am spinning the dreidel
    for peace and justice

    potato latkes
    giving strength to celebrate
    Jewish biofuel

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