Idol worshippers?
Stone them to death – in public
Severe punishment

But this can happen
Only with testimony
From two witnesses

Another limit
Is that this only applies
In “the settlements”

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3 Responses

  1. Another limit
    That was then and this is now
    We’ve come a long way

    • Thanks for your comment
      Sorry for the late reply
      Yes, change comes with time

  2. be fair when judging
    if it’s too baffling
    then get assistance

    ethics of Torah:
    in all ways, in all dealings
    chase after fairness

    making aliyah
    to any Jerusalem
    within each of us

    a legal framework
    Torah as Magna Carta
    no one is above

    where do we find truth?
    it is not up in Heaven,
    it is in people

    with exegesis
    to question authority,
    make up your own mind

    not to be alone
    everybody must get stoned
    Bob Dylan’s Torah

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