Behar / Bechukotai

In the year after

Seven Sabbatical years

The Jubilee year

Your slaves shall go free

And all land shall be redeemed

It belongs to G-d

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  1. counting the omer
    practicing the jubilee
    for us and the land

    following the rules
    receiving the blessings
    avoiding curses

    one of the key rules:
    “do not wrong one another”
    God in each person

    food, land, property
    it doesn’t belong to us
    we all borrow it

    in a hungry land
    the fruit is spiritual
    how can we taste it?

    the exits are sealed
    “you shall flee though none pursues”
    when you think bad thoughts

    everything can be
    both reward & punishment
    for better or worse

    all of us fall short
    no one obeys all the rules
    everyone suffers

    we make our choices
    and can always return back
    to community

    each bad thought we have
    cuts us off from trees of life
    yet not forever

    do good to do good
    the good deed is the reward
    blessings for ourselves

    where are we going?
    the afterlife is today
    and tomorrow too!

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