Acharei Mot / Kedoshim

Some people focus

On Lev. 18:22

That is a mistake

Lots of Torah laws

Are looked at diff’rently now

We don’t enforce them

Remember that gays

Created in G-d’s image

Should not be condemned

Our Reform Movement

Teaches that gay, straight or bi

Are treated the same

The lesbian Rav

Marries two gay Jewish men

And we say: “Zeh Tov”*

*[this is good]
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One Response

  1. Holy of Holies
    our innermost chambers
    alive with spirit

    Goat to Azazel
    we scamper off everyday
    running here & there

    “You shall be holy”
    “Love your neighbor as yourself”
    Don’t hate in your heart

    we receive holy teachings
    to become holy

    anything can be holy
    we are the vessels

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