Rosh Hashana

L’shana tova


Have a sweet new year


3 Responses

  1. apples & honey
    the wheel is turning

    ah, yes, a new year
    the shofar blasts in my ear
    with nothing to fear

  2. turn it & turn it
    as you also turn yourself
    studying Torah

  3. The Jewish New Year
    welcomes us back to ourselves
    and to each other

    I think of circles
    swirls of giant galaxies
    swirls of life & death

    I dream in circles
    cycles of returning home
    endings, beginnings

    A happy new year
    The star keeps spinning

    Where’s your diamond heart?
    Seek out your paths of return
    It’s waiting for you

    infinite power
    to walk, fly, or imagine—
    all inside of us

    apples with honey
    round challah—tasty blessings
    for those who partake

    May you be inscribed—
    for all your kind words & deeds
    —in the Book of Life

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